Warrant Search – Travis County & Austin Police

Think you or someone you know may have a pending arrest warrant?

Click on the link below to go directly to the agency website to see for yourself.  If you find an active warrant, you should call criminal defense attorney, Dax Garvin, or a licensed bail bond company to take care of the warrant immediately.  It is possible that a police officer or deputy sheriff or constable may show up at your door or pull you from a car or even show up at work to arrest you and take you to jail.  Handling the warrant in advance, even if it was entered by mistake, is very important.  Sometimes, a walk-through is available by both criminal defense lawyers and bail bondsman to drastically reduce the amount of time you are in jail (as little as a few minutes if everything is pre-planned).

To search for a warrant issued by the City of Austin or the Austin Police Department go to the following link:

Austin Police Department Warrant Check

To search for a warrant issued by Travis County Sheriff's Office or any of the Court's or Pre-trial Services in Travis County, Texas, go to the following:

Travis County Sheriff's Office Warrant Check

Remember, these two places to search for warrants are only valid for Austin, Texas and Travis County, Texas agencies.  It is possible that traffic citations will not show up and warrants from other jurisdictions will not appear on either of these links.  If you believe you have a warrant from another area, contact a criminal defense attorney to help you search for the warrant and to advise you how to resolve it.  You may also contact a bail bond company to help you.