Texas License Plates Provide Proof of Insurance

Finally, Texas motorists may be able to abandon the paper card that we have all carried for decades that "proves" we have insurance.  This is thanks to the TexasSure program.

How it works: Insurance companies will report information to Texas DPS and Texas Department of Insurance who in turn cross-match Texas license plates to insurance polices.

The result:  when an officer runs a license plate, he or she will know whether the information is current and insurance is in effect.

This will drastically reduce the citations issued to folks who have coverage but lost the paper cards.  This will also limit the paperwork for courts and save officers time from writing this citation that ultimately gets dismissed upon showing proof of the card.

However, it is going to be harder to avoid a ticket for not having insurance… as there is little doubt as to whether or not it is in effect.

Let’s see how this works… as a driver who hates keeping up with the cards and a cop who hated being "required" to write the "no insurance" ticket, this seems like a winning solution.