Police brag, “This is great. … California can’t get him. … Now we’ll be able to.”

To be fair, this statement was not made by a sworn officer but by a civilian employee of the Las Vegas Police Department… the only distinction there is that the person is not a "sworn officer".  While we are all entitled to our opinions, just like the one I am writing here, I believe this is an all too common practice in law enforcement and prosecution officers across the US.

Unless I slept through all of my criminal law classes in law school, and I know that I did not, I know there is a presumption of innocence in the United States, which means that the State must prove that someone committed a crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

So, I’m going to spare everyone the dissertation on presumptions and burdens of proof, at least in this entry, but I really want to focus on this attitude that is rampant among law enforcement officers.

I believe that I am qualified to comment on this as I am a former cop.  I was present when similar comments were made, granted, they were not on the same scale or with the same amount of newsworthiness due to the investigation not focusing on a "celebrity", but they were still demonstrative of an erroding of that "presumption of innocence".

So, why do cops, prosecutors, and those who work with/for them take such pride in "bringing someone down"  or taking delight in someone else’s misery or hardship… I think in German that is called schadenfreude

It is one thing to have goals in life to do well in your job.  It is also another matter to objectively comment that the evidence present may be sufficient or overwhelmingly supportive of a prosecution of an criminal offense.  But, it is quite another to wallow and snear and seemingly delight in someone else’s misfortune, as was done by the statement, "This is great. … California can’t get him. … Now we’ll be able to."

Without knowing the facts of OJ’s new case, I’m not taking a position on it or for/against him, but I am taking a position that we as a society need to hold those in power accountable for their positions and their words and actions.  Constitutionally, we are all protected and are innocent until proven guilty, I for one do not want to give up that right.