Patricide? Murder? … by an 8 year old?

Vincent Romero and another man living in the same residence as an 8 year old child were found dead, shot with a rifle.  The story is all over the news and commentators are voicing their opinions.  I do not practice law in Arizona and thus do not know the definition of a "juvenile" for purposes of the criminal justice system there, but at least in Texas, a juvenile is defined as someone between the ages of 10 and 16 years old.

Without rehashing the entire story, this link will take you to a pretty thorough assessment of the harrowing story, including an excerpt of the video where two female officers at first seem to talk to the boy and later appear to question him.

At no time was a guardian or legal representative present for the child.  At no time were legal rights explained to the child, and even had they been, I really would question his ability to process and understand them, afterall, how often do we as criminal defense attorneys and other professionals in the legal field see adults completely disregard their own rights?

This is going to be a story to watch, as it will be interesting to see what happens and how the Court manages the matter.