Officer Strikes CodePink protestor with baton

When I first saw this video I was shocked by what I saw, an officer striking a peaceful female protestor, but out of fairness to everyone, I understand that videos can be edited, and often are.  So, I continued to search and found the video below that seems to show the entire confrontation with some audio from the videographer.


Now, my intention is not to attack law enforcement here for the sake of attacking law enforcement.  But, I do want to question what this lady did that warranted being struck to the ground and later drug away by officers, presumably she was arrested.

Everyone in America is entitled to their opinion, and I understand and fully support the time, place and manner restrictions that may be placed on demonstrations and still keeping them constitutional, but I do not support and would ask that viewers/readers stand firm against the sort of police state that diminishes the rights of all of us to assemble and protest when it is done correctly.