Lieutenant Indicted for Allowing is Juvenile Son to “Play Officer”

Multiple reports show that a Kentucky Lieutenant police officer, Jeff Manning, who’s photograph is shown in this posting was indicted by a Grand Jury for allowing his son to assume the role of an officer and search and handcuff suspects. 

While I am continuing to disclose the story that is being reported on numerous sources around the internet and local news in Kentucky, my purpose is not to revel in the fact that an officer is in trouble and now must face charges for his alleged conduct…but to use this story to remind us all of how precious the American principle of "Innocent until Proven Guilty" really is.

After reading multiple stories on this point and even posting one of my own, it seems that the overall impression that is being given regarding this behavior is one of assuming Lt. Manning’s guilt, but for me, it is more one of thinking, "You’ve got to be joking…."

It is very difficult for me to believe that an officer who not only presumably knows the laws would allow this sort of behavior to occur. What is unknown and may remain secreted from the public eye is information on the juvenile son, and that is for the simple reason that he has not reached the age of majority… at least 18 years old.

If this were a rookie officer, I would question the decision.  If it were someone who was injured in a serious accident and was making a comeback, I may understand it, but a supervisor, a Lieutenant, who is responsible for reviewing the work of countless other officers… letting his son, in front of other officers, "play cop…." 

What was he thinking? We’ll probably never know.