Division of Marital Assets

Division of Marital Assets

Texas is a community property state, so when divorce occurs, spouses often need the assistance of an experienced family law attorney such as Dax Garvin in Austin to help them plan for an equitable division of marital property in their divorce settlement. Contact the Law Office of Dax Garvin to schedule an initial consultation on all aspects of your divorce, including division of property and debt, child custody, spousal support and divorce settlement options.

Locating and Identifying Assets

Should you decide to let Attorney Dax Garvin represent you, one of the first things he will do is work with you to help locate and identify the assets of both you and your spouse. He is experienced at discovering assets that your spouse may be trying to hide from you in preparation for the divorce.

Reaching Fair Divorce Settlements through Mediation or Litigation

Dax Garvin is experienced at helping you reach a fair settlement through mediation or other means, including litigation if necessary. By utilizing mediation, spouses are allowed to craft their own asset division agreements according to whatever is most important to them – not subject to the opinions of judges or juries. But when parties cannot agree, Dax advocates aggressively for his client's best interests at trial.