Child Support

Child Support

Divorcing or separating parents generally understand that it is their responsibility to continue to provide for their children even if they no longer live with them. However, understanding and meeting child support obligations as they are determined by the state of Texas is not always an easy task. Contact Dax Garvin for advice, counsel and legal representation concerning child support, whether you are a mother or father, and whether you are a custodial or non-custodial parent.

Child Support Concerns of Custodial and Non-Custodial Parents

Texas child support law allows withholding of the non-custodial parent's wages to help guarantee child support payments are made. As the custodial parent, you will want to know how child support orders will be enforced and what to do if the money doesn't come through as needed. In addition, Texas law only requires the custodial parent to provide medical insurance when coverage is unavailable through the non-custodial parent.

As a non-custodial parent, you want to ensure that you understand what you need to do to meet your obligations so as not to be penalized – or leave your child without adequate resources to grow and thrive. Also, you may need help enforcing child visitation rights or modifying a child custody arrangement.

In either case, Dax is ready to assist you in considering all of the relevant income sources of both parents, and in seeking modifications to child support arrangements if needed, such as when income levels change.

Dealing with the Texas Attorney General's Office; Resolving Disputes through Mediation; Litigating to Enforce Child Support Orders

Dax Garvin, Attorney at Law is experienced at handling all family law issues involving the Texas Attorney General's Office. Any related issues such as child custody that can be negotiated between you and your child's other parent may be resolvable through David Todd's mediation services or the collaborative family law process. On the other hand, if litigation is necessary to protect your rights in the area of child support or child custody, he is ready to represent you in court.