Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes

Facing charges for criminal sexual behavior can be devastating due to the thoughts of fear and worry that may overwhelm you and leave you feeling that you have no options.  Many times, charges have not been filed at the time a client is reading this page and that is the best situation.  Exercise your right to remain silent and talk with an attorney, but do not talk to the police or anyone else without legal counsel present to assist you and protect your rights.

Dax assists clients who have been charged with Internet sex crimes, criminal sexual assault, indecent exposure, public lewdness, and a variety of other serious charges. If you have been charged with a sex crime, you are not alone.  Contact Dax today at 512.585.7299 to schedule an appointment to discuss the matter and get the legal support you need to overcome a difficult time.

Sex Crimes Defense

Given recent changes in law, effective legal support has become even more crucial.  If your charge is a second offense, it may be classified as an aggravated sexual assault. Whether you find yourself facing this charge or other sex crimes charges, Dax will help.  Below is a sample of charges Dax will defend and he will not judge you based on the pending charge or anything else. 

•  Aggravated sexual assault

•  Rape

•  Child pornography

•  Internet sex crimes

•  Sexual abuse

•  Lewd conduct

Advice and Strategy

•  My first advice to clients is to say nothing to law enforcement.  Always secure your right to having an attorney present with you.  Dax will advise you and keep you from making statements that the State will use against you in the future.

•  Getting witness statements early is a crucial part of defending your case.

•  Dax conducts thorough background investigations to find important factors that may explain what really happened or undermine credibility of alleged victims, as well as any witnesses that may be critical to the State's case.

•  When necessary, Dax hires necessary sex offender therapists and psychologists as expert witnesses in your case.