Jail Release Information

Jail Release Information

No one wants to be on either end of that one phone call from jail.

The person calling from jail may be afraid, confused, embarrassed, and worried. The person answering the phone is probably shocked, worried, angry, and may not have any idea where to turn to help the person calling.

If you are the person receiving that call, Dax Garvin is here to help you.

When someone is arrested, the first concern is getting out of jail as soon as they can.  But one thing not always considered is the importance of preserving legal rights by immediately investigating to reduce damage, and, whenever possible, working to stop the case from going forward.

If Dax is hired to represent you, he can do all of this.

Dax can get you out of jail, but he does not stop there if he becomes your attorney.  Also, the jail release fee that is paid will be applied to other defense fees, so it saves you money, gets the person released, and retains an attorney if that is your option.

By meeting with Dax from the beginning, he may give advice about the accused's rights, the criminal process, and often provide answers and access that other agencies, such as bondsmen, cannot.  Dax will gather details, investigate the circumstances of the arrest, and halt an interrogation of your loved one if he is hired. In short, the early involvement of obtaining a jail release allows us the opportunity to secure a more favorable position for the defense, right from the beginning.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a criminal defense attorney is getting someone out of jail.  In the middle of the workday or in the early morning hours, resolving such a crisis is one of the reasons Dax chose this profession.  But that is  just the beginning.  Dax is not completely satisfied until your case is brought to a just conclusion. Call Dax now, 512.482.0900. Phones are answered 24-hours per day.

1) What you should know about a jail release in Travis County:

On average, it takes 2-4 hours for the Sheriff to release somebody from custody once the judge signs the bond and the lawyer turns it in.  This does not count the time for the client to be booked into jail by the police. This also does not count the time that it takes for the lawyer to interview the client, gather the background checks, fill out the bond paperwork, and meet with the judge. Please be aware that the person will likely be in custody for a minimum of 6 hours before he or she can be released.  However, without an attorney assisting with a jail release, the person arrested may be in custody for 12-18 hours or more.  And, the release process is no faster with a surety bond than with an attorney's services.

2) When you call:

Notify Dax immediately that you need to get someone out of jail.  Please have as much of the following information available as possible to speed up the jail release process; however, if you are missing something, do not worry, Dax will work with you:

1) Name and date of birth of the person arrested
2) When the person was arrested
3) Your relationship to the person in jail
4) Which jail they are in
5) Why they were arrested
6) Bond amount

After getting this information, Dax may need to make some additional phone calls to ascertain the bond amount and calculate the cost of doing the jail release.  Once he can quote the fee for the release, he will either take payment by credit card over the phone, or make other payment arrangements with you.

3. Why hire a lawyer over a bail bondsman?

Nobody plans to be arrested. Most of my clients have never had to make arrangements to get somebody out of jail, and I know that it can be a sensitive and, at times, embarrassing situation.  It is equally awkward for the person in jail. Given everything that has just happened, people that have just been arrested have a number of legal questions that a bail bondsman cannot answer. We feel that meeting with a client in their greatest moment of crisis is of tremendous importance, regardless of the time.

a.  You will pay less by hiring a lawyer.

When you hire a bail bondsman, you will pay 10%- 20% of the bond amount plus guaranteed security and collateral in the amount of double the bond, in many cases.

b.  It is a better investment.

A bail bondsman makes 99% of their money from the first couple of hours of getting you out of jail. They're taking a financial risk based on whether or not their client will show up to court in the future. For example, if you spend $4,000 on a bail bondsman to get you out of jail, you are paying them $1,000- $2,000 an hour. The bondsman will hold the bond until the end of your case, but you will never get that money back, nor can it be applied to attorney's fees. This money can be better invested in hiring a good defense lawyer than in making a quick decision to use a bail bondsman to get someone out of jail.

c.  A lawyer can start on your case sooner rather than later.

Investigation begins the moment a person is arrested.  Once someone is arrested and in jail, the clock starts ticking in terms of finding witnesses, getting witness statements, collecting evidence, and mounting an effective defense to possibly keep a case from being filed or even indicted.  Once somebody is out of jail, normally they tend to rest on their heels and wait as their court date draws near.

If you are serious about contesting your case and keeping a conviction off your record, you should have a lawyer on your case as quickly after being arrested as possible.  That lawyer will be able to take a very detailed statement from you, as we expend a lot of time with interviews and collecting evidence.  We can begin working on the case immediately to determine if there is any evidence that may have been lost or destroyed.  Furthermore, by having a lawyer involved at the outset, your attorney is sometimes able to get affidavits, witness statements, or other documents that may not be as valuable if they are taken weeks or months after the date of arrest.  Remember, the police officers probably have witness statements from the day of or day before the arrest, so it is important, for us to be on an equal playing field with them.  Clients that use our services to get them out of jail are often able to mount a very effective defense because we have such an advantage in terms of time.

d.  Hiring a lawyer to perform your jail release saves time and anxiety.

If you hire a lawyer for a jail release, there will be one less person you will have to tell the traumatic events of the arrest to.  By having a lawyer involved at the outset, hiring an attorney will no longer be on your "to-do" list.  Aside from the fact that Dax Garvin credits a portion of the jail release fee towards the defense, he will be in a better position to advise what to do when released from jail, especially in cases involving protective orders, pretrial release, personal bonds or different conditions of those bonds.

It makes sense to start with an attorney at this critical time! Call Dax now, 512.482.0900. Phones answered 24-hours per day.