Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes are taken seriously in the state of Texas.  Quite often, people facing drug charges fail to understand that they have alternatives. Utilizing the experience of a seasoned criminal defense attorney is the first step to discovering options. Taking advantage of these choices can help prevent a successful conviction from having potentially lifelong consequences.

Dax Garvin uses his experience as a Texas law enforcement officer and Travis County Prosecutor to protect your rights by recognizing weaknesses in the State's case and pointing those out to prosecutors, which may result in reduced charges, dismissals or even acquittals. Contact Dax today for a FREE initial consultation by calling 512.585.7299.

Are You Facing Drug Charges?

The nature of drug charges varies depending on the type of drug and the amount. Typically, if you are found with less than four ounces of marijuana in your possession, you will receive a misdemeanor charge and may have received a citation for this. However, possession of less than a gram of cocaine is considered a felony and may result in prison time.  It is easy to feel powerless in situations where the potential outcome is a prison sentence.  Dax Garvin is dedicated to achieving a more positive resolution to your drug charge case.  Further, drug charges may also carry federal court consequences, in addition to those pending in State Court. 

Dax Can Help

From the outset of a drug possession case, Dax intervenes and can accomplish much even before a formal charge is filed. Dax works with the prosecuting authority, providing documents related to the possession of controlled substance (POCS) charge and exploring different avenues: diversion programs, assessments of need for treatment, and voluntary counseling programs.