Assault & Family Violence

Charges related to an assault with bodily injury or assault alleging family violence often come down to accusations between family members or friends. What may have started out as a simple argument has now escalated into a serious criminal charge. At the law office of Dax Garvin, I defend people throughout central Texas against charges of assault bodily injury and family violence.  If you have been accused of assault or any similar type of offense, contact Dax Garvin for a free initial consultation.

Family Violence Assault

Allegations of assault family violence can be severe.  Not only do they jeopardize your parental rights, they also carry with them the possibility of jail time and a heavy fine (up to one year in county jail and/or a $4000.00 fine).  In Texas, the State will charge you with a felony for your second family violence charge, even if a deferred ajudication was completed on the first offense.  While it may be possible to plea bargain with prosecutors in other counties, most central Texas prosecutors are less likely to offer reduced charges for these type offenses.  It is important even if this is your first family violence assault charge to hire an aggressive criminal defense lawyer to defend you against any related charges, including but not limited to the following:

*Assault/Abuse of a spouse, roommate, or partner

*Protective Order Violations

Charges of this nature may also be filed against a person who is dating another and not sharing a common living area.

Criminal Assault – Bodily Injury

When the police are called for an alleged assault, they will usually arrest anyone they suspect is involved.  A crude version of this decision by law enforcement is sometimes referred to as a "family plan," because all parties involved may be arrested. 

Assaults may range from simple bar fights to aggravated assaults with deadly weapons.  There may be severe collateral consequences from an assault case with a finding of family violence.  A conviction could bar you from ever owning a firearm, even for hunting purposes. If you are not a U.S. citizen, an assault case may lead to deportation or denial of citizenship.  Further, many of these cases result in protective or stay away orders that keep you from being with family members from a few weeks up to two years.

To learn more about defending yourself against allegations of family violence assault or assault bodily injury, contact Dax Garvin for a free initial consultation.