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Criminal Defense – State Misdemeanors & Felonies

As an Austin-area criminal defense attorney, I can help you get someone out of jail by giving the case personal attention and walking it through. Or, if you want to fight a charge against you by taking the matter to trial before a judge or jury, Dax Garvin possesses the skills, training, and practical experience necessary to handle these matters for you. From Class C misdemeanor traffic citations like speeding to other misdemeanor charges like DWI, DUI, Burglary of a Vehicle, Theft, Assault and Domestic Violence to first degree felonies where someone is facing life in state prison, contact Dax Garvin to discuss your situation and to determine the best course of action for you. Dax Garvin is an Austin criminal defense attorney willing to help you protect your rights and fight for your freedom.

Family Law

Almost every aspect of this area of law proves to be very stressful on clients and other involved parties. On the “happier” end of the spectrum, a client may find him/herself seeking to adopt a child or there may be a desire to change one’s name. However, there are times when the reason for seeking out a family law attorney is to divorce from a spouse or to change a custody arrangement or to modify a child support agreement. Also, there may be outside forces, like Child Protective Services, impacting your family relationship and you need to have an attorney to assist you. Dax Garvin can help you with any of these matters.

Expunction / Orders of Non-Disclosure

These are two separate legal procedures for minimizing what someone conducting a background check or investigation into your criminal history may see. What is reported varies and a consultation with Dax Garvin is offered at no charge to discuss your options.