Fees and Payments

Attorney's Fees

Criminal Law Fees

Often, the first question I am asked is, “How much do you charge?” or “What will this cost me?” I do not have a "one size fits all" rate for any service that I provide, because it depends on the complexity of the case and what services will be provided. Further, I understand that the economy is not strongest now and many people are not employed to their maximum ability.  While I cannot accept all cases, everyone that wants a free consultation for a criminal charge in Austin, Travis County or any of the other areas I practice in should call to set up an appointment.  If we can find a way to work through your financial concerns and allow me to represent you, we will do it.

As I mentioned above, the facts of each case affect the fee that I must charge.  For example, if you need me to defend you against a DWI in Travis County but it is too late to request your ALR hearing, then the amount of work involved is less and the fee would reflect that. Or, if you have multiple charges pending and more court appearances and work will be required to resolve the matters, then the fee will reflect the amount of work.

However, I always strive to provide reasonable flat fees when handling a criminal case, whether it is a misdemeanor drug possession or a serious felony. Any client who is a student or member of the United States military and presents a valid form of identification showing this will receive a discount on their criminal defense services.

When we meet to discuss your situation, I will explain in greater detail about my fee structure and provide you with options for hiring me to represent you. I understand that most people do not have money set aside for hiring a lawyer, so I offer payment plans to help you work this unexpected event into your overall cost of living.

My initial consultation is FREE and usually lasts about one hour for all of my cases. To schedule one, please call 512-482-0900.  We can meet at my office or at a public location that we both agree on if that is easier for you.

When we meet, I want you to leave the meeting with a greater understanding of your options than when you first arrived. You will leave with absolutely no obligation if you have not hired me to be your lawyer.

Remember, if you hire me to perform a jail release in Travis County, the amount paid will be applied to the total cost of hiring me to represent the person released. This saves you money by not paying a bond company first and a lawyer later.

Call me at (512) 482-0900 to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION and to learn how my knowledge and experience may help resolve your legal problem. This number is answered 24 hours daily / 365 days of the year for jail releases.

Family Law Fees

Family law cases are billed at an hourly rate and a deposit, also known as a retainer, is required.   This money is placed into a trust account and fees and expenses are charged against the balance.  As the case progresses, this retainer is reduced when we bill against the balance through an itemized billing statement.  The client is responsible for maintaining a positive balance in the trust account at all times, and when the positive balance is eliminated, work on your case may stop until it is replenished.

Unlike most family law attorneys, I offer FREE CONSULTATIONS, so meeting with me for up to one hour saves you money because you will learn whether you are comfortable hiring Dax Garvin to represent you in your family law matter, regardless of its nature: divorce, child support or child custody modification, SAPCR, or any other need you may have.

Forms of Payment & Parking

Criminal cases:

  1. Cash, personal check, or money order;
  2. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or debit cards with those logos;
  3. Texas Legal Protection Plan (TLPP) Insurance;
  4. Payment plans using a combination of the above options. This will be customized in accordance with your needs and abilities. Remember, my goal is to provide you with a service, not to bankrupt you.

Family Law cases:

  1. Cash, personal check, or money order;
  2. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or Debit Cards with those logos (less a processing fee to fund the retainer);
  3. Texas Legal Protection Plan (TLPP) Insurance.


Parking is governed by the City of Austin.  I recommend that clients look for a parking spot on 4th Street from Brazos to Lavaca.  You may park in the garage for Frost Bank, however, validation is not an option in this location.