Dirty Urinalysis According to Probation but Private Lab says I’m Clean!

Things like this do not seem possible and one would hope that the situation never arises, in fact they are not supposed to occur!  Aren’t probation departments supposed to be objective keepers of files and the "watchers" of those convicted of some sort degree of criminal offense.  I thought that probation officers were to help their clients to make better decisions and to allow them to "learn" from their mistake(s)… not deliberately set them up to fail.

I thought so too until I heard about a conversation where a probationer was accused of providing a dirty urinalysis (UA) for a given type of illegal substance but that person actually had reports from private labs showing that he was not only clean from all illegal substances but from the one alleged.

What would something like this mean? What could he do? Clearly, if he has to fight the system to prevent his probation from being revoked that is an option, but should it come to that point?!

Again, how could the sample show up as "dirty" unless someone is tampering with the specimens!

But that would never happen…………………………………… or would it?