Citations for NOT speaking English?

After an entirely long break, I am coming back to blogging and this time, I am going to stay on top of it and strive to write something at least two times per week.  For those of you who have continued reading this, despite the lack of new content, thank you.  For those who have not read it, please take a look and post your opinions.

I have continued to post comments, even during my break, and hope that readers will continue to publish information, opinions, etc. to this blog.

Having said that, I’d like to start by commenting on a story that seems to be getting national attention, and not to my surprise, being completely misunderstood by so many of the people who write comments on the bottom of news stories, online.

The topic is citations for "non-English speaking drivers" in Dallas, Texas.  The uproar in the comments is how the supervising police officers (the command staff) are not backing up officers who wrote these tickets and then all the hateful things that are often said about immigrants and those coming to the United States.  

The really interesting part to me is how the article took a turn from dealing with the citations to comments about illegal immigration practices.  The two have absolutely nothing to do with one another.  The officers were not targeting "illegal immigrants", in fact, I do not think they were targeting anyone.  However, I do believe the law was being inappropriately applied to non-commercial drivers.

This is definitely a story to watch as it develops and to see how it goes.  But, the correct decision was made, which is to not issue this citation.  Afterall, there is not a "national language" and to require one and to enforce it with criminal sanctions is ridiculous.  Afterall, when all of our ancestors first came to this country, which was a very primitive land at the time, inhabited only by non-English speaking Native Americans…. we changed the rules and took what we wanted to take… and forced our language on them. 

I’m not suggesting that this is what is happening with Hispanics or any other groups of people, but to have a law and to actually enforce a law that one must speak English is quite out of bounds….

This article describes the story more and has a video, but I am not vouching for how long it will remain up on the site.