Choose Life License Plates … Greater Concerns Out There!

Pro Life? Pro Choice? Those are choices that every one of us can make as a free-willed, able-bodied adult who can vote.  Likewise, it would be something that is best left to each of us as an individual: to place bumper stickers on our vehicles, to vote for candidates that support our point of view, or to even participate on one side or other of the debate… and, some would argue that opting for one of the proposed license plates that says "Choose Life" it would be one method of doing just that.

However, unless there is a Pro-Choice alternative available, I do not believe this plate should be available, particularly if it is one backed by the Texas Governor, Rick Perry.  While politicians often take stances on issues like abortion, given that this is a method of fund raising for one side of argument, it seems inappropriate. 

We all know that Texas has gone the way of becoming dangerously conservative in the past few years, having spawned the likes of the Bushes and our current governor, but this is more than we should tolerate.

I completely support free speech, but I also support equal choice.  As it stands, there is not a proposal for a Pro Choice plate, and unless that is also available, I would urge the Texas Legislature not to pass "Choose Life".

Without getting into the politics of the abortion debate, I really believe that all should be represented or none should be represented, especially if the government is going to leverage the argument by collecting funds and donating a portion of the proceeds to the debate.

The story was reported here on a local news company’s website.