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Open File Policy in Williamson County DA’s Office?

To quote an article written about and quoting current District Attorney John Bradley, In short, you can be sure that in Williamson County, before any contested trial begins today, the defense lawyer will have already received access to all of … Continue reading

Occupy Wall Street / Occupy Austin / Related Arrests

Pro Bono representation for activism in the civil disobedience movement for Occupy Austin. Continue reading

What’s Next for the Morton Players?: John Bradley, Ken Anderson, and Davis

Michael Morton freed after 25 years in prison. What’s next for those with a hand in the case? Will they resign? Will someone challenge them in an Election? Continue reading

Cheating on an Exam (SAT) = Crime = Jail?! … No!

Cheating on the SAT is now causing some students to face possible jail time in New York. Continue reading

Jail or Church, Is This a Choice? Court Dismisses Cases if Church Attended for a Year…

Church or Jail? Really!? I believe this is unconstitutional and violates the Establishment Clause. Continue reading