Attorney Jail Release

Attorney Jail Release – Travis County


To get someone out of the Travis County Jail and
have the money you pay applied to the defense of the case,

you should call criminal defense attorney,
Dax Garvin
(512) 482-0900
for assistance 24 / 7 / 365.
A criminal defense attorney is often able to speed up the Personal Bond Process. Even if Pre-Trial Services would have approved someone for a personal bond, the time it takes for that process to occur can take 12-16 hours from the time they are arrested by the police. Remember, the person must see a judge unless an attorney waives magistration for them. Generally, I can speed up the release process by giving that bond my personal, undivided attention, which is what your friend or family member deserves. This can save the client many unpleasant hours in jail.
As a lawyer, I can help you get someone out of the Travis County Jail.  Please call 512.482.0900 for immediate assistance!

Or, if the client does not qualify for a personal bond on their own, often, a judge or magistrate is willing to approve a personal bond when they understand that an attorney has been hired and will be working on the case.  

If you use Dax Garvin to secure the release of your friend or family member,
the fee you pay is credited against the total fee that will be paid for me to defend them against the charged offense(s).

Finally, if a personal bond is not an option, attorneys sometimes can work to secure a cash-deposit bond to get the person out of jail.

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