An Angry Officer and Dead Poodle…

Well, my posting is a bit untimely, but my perspective is one that is unique to several others, given that I have been an officer.  But, I would NEVER have responded to the situation the way that the officer did.  Was he correct, in stopping the car, absolutely.  Was he correct in detaining as long as he did under the circumstances, probably not.  Should he have made the comment about getting another dog, absolutely not.

So, on the American Police Beat blog entry, an author writes that he’s surprised that he has not received a lot of criticism for his position, which supports the officer.  The reason for that is simple: the readership of that site is primarily pro-law enforcement….

Now, what do I think should happen? Training and retraining of that officer and others is clearly in order.  Termination, probably not, unless the officer refuses to successfully complete training.  Afterall, he does work in a high stress job and was probably a bit excited when he approached the car and encountered the situation that he did… but that still does not justify the statement.

Here’s the video for anyone who has not seen it yet:


So that’s the video… was it the best way of handling the situation, probably not.  Should the officer catch all the blame for "killing the dog" … no.  But, emotions were running high and clearly the situation could have been handled better.

I hope the Driver did not receive a citation… afterall, I would have never written one or detained the driver as long as I did… regardless, I think the officer should have let him go immediately after he saw what was going on and given the guy a verbal warning to "slow down." Regardless of whether that is his Department’s "policy" or not….