America’s Face (as determined by the Supremes)….

I had originally planned to omit the inclusion of anything considered "political" in this blog but the more I have considered that position, the more I have come to the conclusion that by its very nature a blog is political, its goal is to inform, so this will be my maiden entry into the polical realm.

Here an editorial in the New York Times reports on the possibilities of what could happen, and it is all speculation, with the United States Supreme Court Justices under our future president….

As a criminal defense attorney and someone who wants to maintain civil liberties, of course I am supporting the more liberal, well-rounded of the two tickets: Obama/Biden. 

In recent years we have had challenges to search and seizure issues and even an opinion that upheld searches when the arrest was considered bad (the case is escaping me at the moment, but when I think of it I will come back and edit this entry).  Of course we have had challenges to abortion and the death penalty and will probably continue to have those raised.  Heck, even Miranda which so many of us can quote was challenged in the not so recent past.  Much of this has been done in the name of the Patriot Act….

There are so many issues that will have long-lasting impacts on this country please, please think about what kind of world you want to age in and what kind of world you want your children to live in.  Do you want them to have choices and freedoms? Remember, Supreme Court Justices are there for life… meaning, the rulings they make will shape the country for decades to come.  

Setting aside the economy and Iraq, both of which are HUGE issues, the Supremes as determined by the next President of the United States will have a long lasting impact on our world.