About Dax

Dax Garvin, Attorney and Counselor at Law

Every cause needs its advocate: one daring, fearless and willing to fight. If you find yourself needing someone to stand with you, then you need the help of an experienced trial attorney who can guide you through the challenges ahead. Don't let an arrest become a conviction or an ex-spouse take your children because you did not hire a strong advocate. Also, if you are really injured at the hands of a negligent party, hold them accountable for the injury they caused. I strive to balance the scales of justice in your favor, regardless of the matter you bring to me.

I have been a peace officer, a prosecutor, and now I am an attorney in private practice.


I graduated from Texas Tech University School of Law in May, 2002, and received my license to practice law in Texas that November, following the July, 2002, Texas Bar Exam. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from the University of Texas at Tyler and my first years of undergraduate work were spent at Austin College in Sherman, Texas, where I learned the true passion of humanity—recognizing we are all part of one great society and are responsible to one another as a community.

I served as a peace officer in central Texas, wearing a uniform, patrolling his district, and enforcing the law for over two and a half years.

During this time, I learned how many officers think and why they respond to situations the way that they do. But most importantly, I know how they are trained to think…. This knowledge and experience sets me apart from many other lawyers that have never worked in law enforcement. I also represented clients whose insurance companies were involved and defended them in matters ranging from minor automobile collisions to cases that involved the death of another person, so I know and appreciate the procedures and complexities of civil litigation. My legal career started in 2002 with the Travis County Attorney's Office, where I served as a misdemeanor prosecutor, interacting with law enforcement officers, criminal complainants, defense attorneys, and countless other parties that had an interest in the outcome of the cases I was working on at that time. It was in this role that I learned to recognize the very essence of a State's case, understanding not only the elements that the State must prove to convict but the political forces that explain why a case is filed.

I try to treat every client's case like it is my own and will remain in close communication with you, and you may contact me at any time. I understand that a lawyer's reputation is his most valuable asset, and that is why I strive to remain ethical in the practice of law.

I provide legal services to all of Travis and Williamson County, Texas, including Austin, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Georgetown, Leander, and Pflugerville. On occasion, I take cases in Hays County.