A Criminal’s “Right” to Sue v. A Police Officer’s Duty & Responsiblity

Another video and story that is all over the internet and played throught news outlets across the country is the story of Anthony Warren, who is now serving a 20 year prison sentence for his crimes, to which he accepted a plea bargain to resolve the case.

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While the above video is rather lengthy and includes a lot of commentary, a simple search on the internet will produce multiple copies of the video that shows a group of officers beating the accused after his ejection from a vehicle.

In no way am I defending Warren’s decision to evade in a vehicle (captured on the same footage) and jeopardize the safety of other motorists; however, there is absolutely no way to justify the severe and egrigious lapse of judgment shown by the officers who attacked and assaulted Warren when he is clearly unconcious, lying on the ground, and posing no threat to anyone.

As a former officer who has been involved in a vehicle pursuit, I would never have beaten the suspect, despite being high on endorphins caused by the adrenaline rush of the pursuit, and neither should these officers.  The proper actions for them to take would have been to handcuff him and call for medical support due to ejection from the vehicle.

Fortunately, these officers have been terminated from their positions of power and trust, but what is also disturbing about this story is that multiple other officers knew of this incident and failed to report it, according to news accounts.  For a profession that claims to value "truth" above all else, there is a severe lapse of judgment and irony present here.

More disturbing to me are comments that are made after the article.  Given the source of this information, I believe it to be statements written by other officers or their families, which would explain the bias demonstrated.  The article with comments is linked in order to read the context and for anyone interested to continue to follow the posts made by others. 

Further alarming news is reported by CBS when they describe how evidence was tampered with by some law enforcement officers and it was only the will of an upstanding prosecutor, who discovered the evidence and provided the video to the Defense.

To conclude, the very idea that any person can justify the officers’ actions is an embarassment to the entire legal system in this Country.  We as a society must be above barbaric behaviors like those demonstrated by these officers, who lost control of their faculties and beat an unconcious man.  And while it may be distasteful that Anthony Warren is allowed to file a lawsuit against the officers, that is really the only way in which he can seek any relief from these officers.