Attorney Jail Release Services – Travis County

(512) 482-0900

 An attorney is available to assist 24 hours per day, 7 days per week….

In Travis County, Texas, criminal defense attorneys are often able to secure the release of a person arrested and charged with an offense.  Attorneys that work to get someone out of jail must also be representing the client beyond the jail release.  This means that the person will already have a lawyer when he or she is released from jail.

The number above is answered all the time and an attorney should be available to help with the release of your friend or loved one from the Travis County Jail.

Fees paid for the jail release are applied to the total amount charged by the attorney.  Save money by paying an attorney to help with the jail release.  Money to a bail bond company is not applied to legal fees and is not refunded.

For help, now, call Dax Garvin or one of his associate attorneys at (512) 482-0900 for immediate assistance.